Thursday, April 22, 2010


I''ve been hard at work putting STATIONS* on my website. Besides the artwork, I've included pics of the installation and opening. A hearty big thanks to Darin White, our photographer & curator. Darin took most of these photos. And thankful applause to Philip and Anh Sawyer for organizing this amazing exhibit and for shooting some of the photos also on the web. Darin, Philip and Anh are pictured throughout.

Do take a look and share the site!

*STATIONS is the 15 Stations of the Cross, as seen through the eyes of 16 contemporary American artists and expressed through their various disciplines and media. Location: Genesis, in PARIS, Easter April 2-3, 2010. My piece: Station 11, Jesus Nailed to the Cross, an accordion fold book of cross collages.

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