Saturday, April 19, 2014


Continuing to reorganize the art studio. (5th of 5 posts)
Moving around the perimeter of the studio...I came to the last shelving unit with a collage book on the top shelf AND all my sketchbooks below! 

Groan. How come I never stopped to date them!? I should really go through them all. But that would take a lot of time!  So I paged through some. Hmmm...some good ideas never brought to fruition...maybe I should go through them all! 

Moving down 2 shelves - an Oaxacan animal sculpture and a stack of art quilt books.  I spent 10 years in the quilt world - speaking, teaching and exhibiting.  I was in some pretty prestigious shows those years. My quilts did the traveling and not me - all over the US and Japan!  Art quilts I created are in each of those books on the shelf. (below)

After 10 yrs. in the art quilt world, I moved into missions - my quilts and I off to Russia in 1994.  

I continue to design story-telling quilts to use over seas - having found that the soft quilt is the most engaging - effective medium for me to use with women. 

God used 10 yrs. in the quilt world to prepare me for these last 20 yrs. in missions. 

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