Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Meet our team of 5 coming together from opposite coasts of the US to teach Cameroonian women.  Each brought special background, experience and purpose to the group. God certainly formed our team.   click photo to enlarge

Kimmy (on left), a high school senior (Seattle), came specifically to photograph and video the art classes and general experience, putting it together for her senior class project.

Next is me/Marge, team leader, holding the position loosely, always open to on-the-spot ideas.  I did some teaching but also interacted with the Cameroonian leadership. 

There is Marcia (Seattle), who I asked to take the lead on teaching.  She has developed wonderful, creative Bible story books and teaching tools and has much cross-cultural experience using art since I began mentoring her 2 years ago. 

Charise (Seattle) is being mentored in using art cross-culturally by Marcia. Charise is also a specialized nurse.  She taught how to create the story rope and cross-collage projects.

Cristina on right (NY) came to translate and facilitate exchanges and discussions between us and the French speakers. Cristina came with a wealth of Cameroon cultural experience having just spent 2 years there working in the US Peace Corp. 

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