Monday, January 7, 2013


Today I wrote some emails to new friends I'll be working with in Peru, partially in Spanglish.  Then on to the quilt top. 

Went through my fabrics and picked 2 that I thought would work on the back of the 2 quilts. 

I cut the low loft batting for both and ironed the backing fabrics.

I decided to work more on the first quilt, God's  Story Rope.  I moved aside the quilt top and moved over God's Story Rope quilt. Quilt-top on left side of table in lower photo.That one needs to perk some on surface design.

Photos of me working. Challenge is to finish this top, keeping it simple.  The fabrics will tell some of the story. 

The choices are still in flux but here are two shots working today. 

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