Friday, November 9, 2012


It was a brisk walk from our hostel to the metro everyday. 

There were two book shops along the way and even more patisseries. That's Paris! But we put our Euros on the books. 

Between the two bookshops was this crazy Tapa place, El Toro Loco - The Crazy Bull. With this eye-full, we were transported momentarily to Spain! The front looked like one big collage, making it an obvious photo-op.
Back to the book stores* on the way to the metro.  *libraries in French

Martha found two great books.  Like me, she deliberated parting with her Euros, but I convinced her - she had to have them! 

Ma Maison, was a children's book with a great cover - loved the color and design. The story was all about 'my house'. 
Pablo, the story of Picasso, was told in cartoon strips.  I looked up the author, Max Jacob. He was a friend of Picasso. Very interesting. I wonder when this book was first printed?

Next time Martha comes to visit me, I'll ask her to bring these two along.  I want to take a closer look. 

I bought two other children's books. You'll see.

To be continued....

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