Saturday, October 30, 2010


My studio was a mess after working on a project. This morning I took some time to clear off the tables, put materials away & generally reorganize. I can't think in the middle of a mess!

Put fabrics back in the IKEA storage unit. Thought you might like to see how I have it organized. I used to be a quilter. Not sure that is what I am anymore - though I don't think I will ever lose that label !!


  1. Yep, the labels stick no matter how far away one turns. Once a quilter, always a quilter. There's something so seductive about beautiful fabric. I used to be a quilter and made my own clothes and things for the house... and I still carry that label with longtime friends. It's not a bad thing! However, I don't want to go back to that, nor, I expect, do you. Combining the fabric and stitch with paper is so much more fun and immediate in a way that fiberart never could be for me.

  2. Jo, welcome back. Love your final sentence. I agree! Can't say I'll never make another quilt but collages are so fun and spontaneous. And I love making those accordion books!