Saturday, June 5, 2010


Con't from previous post.

Later Friday afternoon Marth & I drove up to Canton, CT & met up w/ Kathy, Marth's sister, who is a wonderful artist & art teacher extraordinaire!

Destination - Pia Sjolin Design to see the opening of Paintings by Joan Coderre. Joan is well known for her exuberant views of city life. Her bright gouache and watercolor paintings are inspired by her childhood in Hartford.

The 3 of us are friends with Joan on Facebook though none of us have a clue how that came about, which was kind of funny. No matter! We enjoyed meeting Joan & loved her colorful street scenes.

Photos-from top down:

• Marth & Kathy @ Pia's.

• Marth and Joan looking at "El Capitan II Restaurant" the painting Joan used to publicize the exhibit.

• I love her colorful detailed traffic scenes. What a great bus and cars in the bottom piece.

Great up-liftng work, Joan! You are a colorist!

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